Mesa Air Facts!

Concerned Citizens for Clean Air


CCCA opposes the Public Works Plan submitted by State Parks on 12/31/20 CCCA joins the Dunes Alliance in its efforts to address dunes issues


Coastal Commission staff releases its staff report stipulating the Public Works Plan is not consistent with the Coastal Act


Economic Impact Study is released by State Parks and gets significant media coverage Coastal Commission at its March 18 meeting votes to amend the Coastal Development Permit for the Ocean Dunes, including calling for the phase-out of off-road activity by 2024 and Pier Avenue closure by July 1, 2022. Least Tern and Snowy Plover nesting area also closed permanently instead of seasonally Air Pollution Control Board Hearing Board meets to receive an update on Stipulated Order of Abatement progress. Informational meeting only - no actions taken


Friends of the Dunes files suit against the Coastal Commission based on its decision to close Oceano Dunes to off-road vehicles. Fifteen lawsuits have been filed to date.


CCCA asks the Air Pollution Control District to include the Mesa 2 air monitor readings in its air alerts; APCD agrees


CCCA calls on Gary Willey, APCD Control Officer, to demand more mitigation acreage in 2022 planning


State Parks submits its Annual Report and Work Plan for 2022 Coastal Commission approves its updated findings to synch with staff recommendations and March 18 coastal development permit amendment action Information is released about a 50% reduction in emissions during COVID shutdown of off-road park activity


Gary Willey, APCD Control Officer, rejects State Parks 2022 Work Plan. State Parks resubmits another unacceptable plan


State Parks illegally opens 300 acres of Plover habitat to off-road vehicles. Plover habitat closed again one week later based on Coastal Commission action Hearing Board/Public Hearing is held. Hearing Board members dissatisfied with progress and call for March 2022 meeting Gary Wiley, APCD Control Officer, accepts weak 2022 Work Plan so as not to stop progress on mitigation, pending March 2022 meeting of Hearing Board


Dr. Lynn Russell of the Scripps Institute releases State Parks-funded study disputing the science behind dust mitigation efforts. Air Pollution Control Officer Scientific Advisory Group debunk her study


CCCA supports Coastal Commission permit amendment action to enable 2022 mitigation to proceed. Commission passes amendment unanimously