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Clean Air, Make it Happen The   residents   of   the   Nipomo   Mesa   on   the   Central   Coast   of   California   are   regularly   exposed   to   excessive and   hazardous   levels   of   particulate   matter   (PM)   dust   pollution   from   the   Oceano   Dunes   State   Vehicle Recreation Area (SVRA), an off-highway vehicle park on the beach.  On   California’s   coast,   such   high   levels   of   PM   emissions   from   coastal   dunes   dust   are   unique   to   the   Oceano Dunes   State   Vehicle   Recreation   Area   (SVRA).      They   do   not   occur   in   any   coastal   dune   area   where   there   is no off-highway vehicle use Facing   a   possible   finding   of   nuisance   by   the   SLO   County   APCD   Hearing   Board,   the   California   Department of   Parks   and   Recreation   (State   Parks)   has   acknowledged   that   dust   emissions   from   the   Oceano   Dunes State   Vehicle   Recreation   Area   (SVRA)   are   a   problem   they   must   fix,   and   have   agreed   to   abide   by   a Stipulated   Conditional   Order   of   Abatement   (SOA).      The   Order   establishes   a   multi-year   dust   control program   that   was   hammered   out   in   negotiations   with   Gary   Willey,   the   APCD   Air   Pollution   Control   Officer (APCO),    and    approved    by    the    Hearing    Board    on    April    30,    2018.        The    Order    requires    State    Parks    to implement    dust    control    measures    designed    to    bring    the    Oceano    Dunes    SVRA    into    compliance    with California   air   quality   health   standards   and   to   reduce   dust   emission   by   50%   over   four   years.      This includes   immediate   fencing   off   of   significant   portions   of   the   fore   dunes   and   an   aggressive   re-vegetation program.  The proposed order was strenuously opposed by Friend of Oceano Dunes and other OHV groups. While   the   SOA   is   not   as   aggressive   and   ironclad   as   clean   air   advocates   sought,   State   Parks   is   legally bound   to   implement   specific   controls   and   to   adhere   to   an   ongoing   program   of   dust   control   measures must satisfy the APCO and the Hearing Board. State   Parks   managers   have   stated   publicly   that   they   are   committed   to   solving   the   dune   dust   pollution problem.       State   Parks’   history   of   resisting   changes   to   the   SRVA   casts   doubt   on   the   whether   or   not   this commitment   will   be   honored.      Nevertheless,   the   Order   of   Abatement   charts   a   course   that,   if   followed, promises to significantly reduce SRVA dust pollution.  State   Park   has   prepared   a   revised   draft   State   Parks   Particulate   Matter   Reduction   Plan   (PMRP),   which   has been   released   for   public   review.   State   Parks   made   substantial   changes   to   the   PMRP   in   response   to   the SLO   Air   Pollution   Control   Officer’s   and   the   Science   Advisory   Group’s   comments   critical   of   the   first   draft.     At   a   public   workshop   will   be   held   on   May   1   State   Parks,   SLO   County   APCD   and   the   SOA   Science   Advisory Group   (SAG)   described   the   plan   and   their   ongoing   efforts   to   toward   reducing   PM   emissions   from   the dunes.  Public comments received by May 15 are published on the APCD website.   See News . State   Parks,   in   cooperation   with   the   SLO   County   Air   Pollution   Control   Officer   and   the   SAG   are   working   on an Annual Report and Work Plan, which is required to be submitted by August 1, 2019.  
The information available via this site is organized into the following categories: NEWS - Brief updates on official actions and citizen efforts. KNOW   THE   FACTS    -    A   summary   of   the   reasons   why   Oceano   Dunes   SVRA   dust   emissions   are   a   health   hazard, what   causes   the   high   emissions   from   this   area,   what   has   and   has   not   been   done   to   mitigate   the   hazard,   and what can be done going forward.  ACTION   -   Notices   of   upcoming   community/citizen   actions   to   communicate   their   concerns   about   the   PM emissions problem to the responsible officials. MONITORS/ALERTS    -   A   list   of   website   links   providing   access   to   current   and   forecast   air   quality   levels   on   the Nipomo Mesa, and how to subscribe to high pollution level alerts. INFO   RESOURCES   -   Links   to   documents   and   websites   where   authoritative   information   about   the   problem can be found for those with an appetite for more detail the issues. PICTURES   - Making it real. ABOUT   - Background on Nipomo Mesa Concerned Citizens for Clean Air and the purposes of this website.
The purposes of this web site are to : educate the public about the health threat from SVRA dust pollution correct misconceptions and falsehoods help Nipomo Mesa residents protect their health facilitate    citizen    efforts    to    keep    the    pressure    on    State    Parks    to    reduce Oceano    Dunes    SVRA    dust    emissions    and    achieve    State    Clean    Air    health standards