Live Air Quality Monitor Data Sources

The   San   Luis   Obispo   Air   Pollution   Control   District   (APCD)   measures   and   records   air quality    conditions    at    several    monitoring    stations    in    the    Nipomo    area    at    the locations   shown   on   the   map   to   the   right.      The   mobile   station’s   location   is   changed from time to time. Current   air   quality   readings   from   these   sites   can   be   viewed   via   the   APCD   website, Air   Quality   Conditions.         Separate   tabs   are   provided   to      “Display   AQI”,   “Display Concentration”   or   “Display   2-Day   Trend”.      In   each   tabbed   display,   select   the   type of   data   and   choose   today   or   yesterday.      Wind   vectors   selection   is   optional.      On   the map   displays,   click   on   a   monitoring   site   circle   to   see   the   current   reading   for   that site.   The   prevailing   on-shore   winds   during   high   PM   emission   events   are   northwesterly. The   CDF   monitor   at   the   CalFire   station   on   Highway   1   and   the   Mesa   2   monitor down   wind   of   the   Oceano   Dunes   State   Vehicular   Recreation   Area   (SVRA)   active riding   areas.      The   Oso   Flaco   monitor   is   down   wind   of   the   non-riding   area   and   is the   control   site   for   determining   how   natural   background   dust   levels   compare   to the dust levels emitted from the riding area. The   AirNow    website,   operated   by   the   US   Government,   provides   AQI   maps   and current   air   quality   data.      Click   the   Current   AQI   tab   for   the   current   conditions.      The home   page   on   this   site   lists   the   most   polluted   locations   in   the   United   States.     Unfortunately   the   Nipomo   Mesa   often   tops   the   list   during   the   windiest   months.        For   the   current   and   forecast   AQI   for   Nipomo,   click   the   Nipomo   AirNow   AQI   Quick Link  button above.

Air Quality Forecasts and Alerts

The   APCD   provides   a   summary   6-Day   Air   Quality   Forecast   on   the   South   County   Air Quality   page.      Forecasts   for   each   monitoring   station   are   on   the   Air   Quality   Maps   page.   To sign up to receive APCD air quality forecast alerts, click here . The    AirNow    website    also    provides    AQI    forecast    maps.        You    can    also    sign    up through AirNow to subscribe to EnviroFlash air quality alert notifications.

Historical Air Quality Data

Historical   air   quality   data   is   available   from   the   California   Air   Resources   Board (CARB)   using   its    Air   Quality   Data   (PST)   Query   Tool .      Select   parameter   PM2.5   or PM10   (BAM)   and   San   Luis   Obispo   to   get   PM   data   for   the   Nipomo-Guadalupe   area.     The   data   comes   from   the   same   monitors   shown   on   the   map   above,   but   the   names are different, as follows:                   CARB NAME                                      APCD NAME            Arroyo Grande-2391 Willow Road    CDF         Nipomo-Guadalupe Road     Mesa 2        Nipomo-Oso Flaco Lake Road         Oso Flaco
Local Live Air Quality Monitor Sites

Mesa Air Facts!

Concerned Citizens for Clean Air

Interpreting Air Quality Data

To   get   information   on   how   air   quality   is measured   and   how   to   understand   the measurement    available    local    Nipomo area monitors click here:  Part 1  , Part 2