SLO County Air Pollution Control District Complaints

Let   the   San   Luis   Obispo   Air   Pollution   Control   District   (APCD)   know   when   you   experience   dunes   dust   air pollution.      Complaints   may   be   filed   on   the   APCD   Air   Quality   Complaints   website   page.      However,   it   is   very important   that   complaints   be   credible,   and   so   complaints   should   only   be   filed   for   days   when   you   are experiencing   nuisance   levels   of   dust   or   are   curtailing   outdoor   activity   because   of   high   levels   officially forecast for your location or are recorded by the APCD monitor upwind from your location.

APCD Hearing Board to Consider Petition for Modified

or New Dune Dust Reduction Order of Abatement

After three tries, State Parks failed to submit a PM Reduction Annual Report and Work Plan that complies with the requirements of the existing Stipulated Order of Abatement.  Gary Willey, the Air Pollution Control Officer (APCO), has petitioned the Hearing Board to issue a revised or new Order of Abatement.  The Hearing Board will convene a public hearing to consider this petition. When: MONDAY, NOVEMBER 18, 2019, at 9:00 a.m.   Where: South County Regional Center, 800 West Branch Street, Arroyo Grande Links to the public hearing notice, the APCO’s petition and the proposed Order of Abatement can be found on APCD website Oceano Dunes Particulate Emissions Reduction Efforts page (click here). It is vitally important that the Nipomo Mesa community be present in force and speak out at this  hearing.   We must make it clear to the Hearing Board that State Parks’ foot dragging and failure to comply with the requirements of the existing Stipulated Order of Abatement (SOA) are totally unacceptable.        

Wear a Clean Air button when

you attend public meetings to 

show your support for ending

SVRA dust pollution.  Make our

presence known to officials

who have the power and

responsibility to ensure that

the dune dust problem is

solved.  CCCA will make

buttons available at meetings

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What Can You Do?

Stay informed. Educate yourself on the issues and facts. Sign up for CCCA Updates.  Send email request to, or sign up at meetings where CCCA has an information table. Monitor the air quality where you live and in your neighborhood; see Monitors and Alerts.  Complain to the APCD on bad air days. Attend public meetings of officials who have a responsibility to get the problem solved.  Speak out. Support candidates and elected officials  who support protecting public health by fixing the SVRA dust pollution problem.

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