COMING UP: Coastal Commission to Conduct Oceano Dunes OHVRA CDP Compliance Hearing at Next Meeting Critical Staff Report Calls for Major Changes in OHVRA Operatons State Parks Dust Controls EIR Public Scoping Meeting, July 2 in Grover Beach Ramona Garden Park Center State Parks to Submit Annual Report and Work Plan by August 1, 2019.

Nipomo Mesa - Concerned Citizens for Clean Air

Mesa Air Facts!



SLO County Air Pollution Control District Complaints

Let   San   Luis   Obispo   Air   Pollution   Control   District   (APCD)   know   when   you   experience   dunes   dust   air pollution.      Complaints   may   be   filed   on   the   APCD    Air   Quality   Complaints   website   page.      However,   it   is very   important   that   complaints   be   credible,   and   so   compliants   should   only   be   filed   for   days   when   you are    experience    nuisance    levels    of    dust,    or    are    curtailing    outdoor    activity    because    of    high    levels officially forecast for your location or are recorded by the APCD monitor upwind from your location.

Clean Air Action Checklist

Go   to   the   Clean   Air   Action   Checklist   to   follow   State   Parks   progress   toward   achieving   its   manadated goal   of   reducing   Oceano   Dunes   SVRA   PM   emissions   by   50%   and   achieving   State   Clean   Air   health standards.


Coastal Commission Hearing -  OHVRA CDP Condition Compliance - July 11

The   California   Coastal   Commission   will   conduct   a   hearing   on   the   Oceano   Dunes   Off   Highway   Vehicle Recreation   Area   Coastal   Development   Permit   condition   compliance   on   July   11   starting   at   9:00   a.m.     (See the Hearing Notice)   The hearing will be at the Embassy Suites in SLO.  Commission   staff   have   released   a   report   highly   critical   of   State   Parks   failures   to   comply   with   the current    CDP,    and    which    calls    for    major    changes    limiting    vehicle    use    on    the    dunes    and    requiring enhancements   to   environmental   protections,   including   fugitive   dust   controls.      See   the   Staff   Report .     This   hearing   will   afford   citizens   with   an   opportunity   to   address   State   Parks’   historic   failure   to   control the   dune   dust   pollution   effectively.      In   particular,   we   can   voice   our   hope   that   State   Parks   Annual Report    and    Work    Plan,    due    August    1,    will    include    aggressive    PM    reduction    measures    to    be implemented with a sense of urgency.  Concerned   citizens   should   attend   and   speak   out   to   demonstrate   our   ongoing   resolve   to   see   effective measures   be   put   in   place   as   soon   as   possible.         Where   your   “Clean   Air”   button.      Buttons   will   be provided at the hearing.

Wearing of Red Shirts to Public Meetings Suspended

Now that State Parks has committed to reducing dune dust emissions and

meeting State Air Quality Standards, we have suspended the wearing of red

shirts to identify Concerned Citizens for Clean air at public meetings. 

However, we want to continue to make our presence clear to officials who

have the power and responsibility to ensure that the dune dust problem is

solved; so we will be providing this button to people who want show their

support for Clean Air on Nipomo Mesa.