Who We Are and What We Expect to Accomplish

We   are   residents   of   the   Nipomo   Mesa   who   have   banded   together   to   coordinate   individual   efforts   to   end   the   unnatural   and   excessive   emission   of   dust   pollution   from   the   Oceano Dunes   State   Vehicle   Recreation   Area   (SVRA).         We   know   that   off-highway   recreational   vehicle   use   in   the   SVRA   causes   dust   emission   concentrations   that   are   many   times   higher than   would   occur   naturally.      Our   goal   is   to   eliminate   the   unhealthy   levels   of   dust   emissions   by   the   most   effective   and   immediate   means   possible,   while   preserving   the recreational   value   and   economic   benefits   of   the   SVRA.      Our   efforts   include   educating   San   Luis   Obispo   county   citizens,      organizing   community   action,   lobbying   of   local,   state   and national officials, and collaborating with other citizen groups to achieve this goal.

Purpose of MesaAirFacts.net Website

The   purpose   of   this   website   is   to   counter   confusion   and   misinformation   by   providing   the   public   with   credible   information   about   the   Oceano   Dunes   SVRA   dust   pollution   problem, and to answer questions like the following with facts and evidence: What causes the excessive levels of dust emissions from the SRVA? How severe are the SVRA dust pollution levels on the Nipomo Mesa? How can people get real-time information about current dust pollution levels on the Nipomo Mesa? How much of the dust emissions are natural, and how much is caused by off-road vehicle operation in the SVRA? What are the adverse health risks to Nipomo Mesa residents? What environmental laws and regulations are being violated, and who has enforcement authority? Who is responsible for mitigating cause of unnatural levels of dust pollution emissions from the SVRA? What has been done in the past to mitigate the SVRA dust emissions, and why has it failed? What is the current plan to mitigate the dust in the future? What can citizens do to get effective action from public officials and State Parks Oceano Dunes SRVA managers? What is the Mesa Community Alliance lawsuit about, and what is the status of this legal action?

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E-mail Us at:  nipomocleanair@hotmail.com

About Mesa Community Alliance (MCA)

Mesa Community Alliance is a separate organization, and is the complainant in  a lawsuit against State Parks and the County of San Luis Obispo seeking effective mitigate of the dust caused by off highway vehicle activity in the SVRA.  Nipomo Mesa Concerned Citizens for Clean Air (CCCA) supports the MCA through fund raising events.  However, the CCCA does not represent the MCA, and visa versa.

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