We are concerned citizens of the Nipomo Mesa working to ensure prudent, timely actions are taken to protect those living and

working on the Mesa from adverse health effects of unhealthy levels of particulate matter.


To effectively influence relevant regulatory agencies and decision makers to promulgate and enforce regulations that will

ensure attainment of clean air on the Nipomo Mesa.


We will inform and educate public officials, the general public and those who live or work on the Nipomo Mesa of the

health and safety impacts generated by the Oceano Dunes SVRA Park.

We will hold responsible parties accountable to take necessary steps towards eliminating sources of air pollutants.

We will coordinate with other groups and organizations seeking to attain the same objectives of clean air on the Mesa.


To reduce the particulate matter (PM) to comply within applicable regulations for air quality standards, as measured by being

within 20% of the background levels from non-riding areas, and have demonstrable safeguards in place to ensure these levels

will be maintained well into the future.

Mesa Air Facts!

Concerned Citizens for Clean Air
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