Those who work and live on the Nipomo Mesa are regularly exposed to unhealthy levels of fine particulate matter (PM) dust pollution coming from the Oceano Dunes State Vehicle Recreation Area (SVRA). These emissions often exceed California Air Quality Standards in violation of state law . The evidence is overwhelming that short-term and long-term exposures to a high level of fine particulate matter (PM) dust concentrations can cause serious health problems . =============================================================================================================================== = The purposes of this website are to: Provide The Facts about SVRA dust and correct misconceptions. o Why are SVRA dust emissions a unique public health hazard ? o Where does the responsibility lie to remedy the health hazard? o What is the status so far of action to resolve the health hazard? Provide access to credible Information Sources that address the dust pollution issues affecting people who live, work and go to school on the Nipomo Mesa. Help Nipomo Mesa people understand the Health Concerns and how to protect themselves. o What are the health risks associated with fine particulate matter (PM) exposure? o How to limit exposure to hazardous dust levels. o How to access Nipomo Mesa air quality Monitors and Alerts . Coordinate citizen Action to get responsible authorities to expedite effective dust reduction measures and provide News about these efforts. o How to get involved and make a difference in the fight.

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