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Coastal Commission Approved SVRA CDP CHANGES










(CDP 4-82-300) Approved by the Coastal Commission on March 18, 2021

Authorized uses and intensities of use would be modified; beginning Jan. 1, 2024, all OHV use prohibited. Closure of Pier Avenue entrance by July 1, 2022, restoration to natural shoreline edge with means for access; Creation of new vehicular camping area between West Grand entrance and Pier Avenue, including for ADA vehicle access. After January 1, 2024, all vehicular use and vehicular beach camping would be confined to this area, with no vehicles being allow south of Pier Ave. Same area available for bike-in/hike-in beach camping; Beginning on March 19, 2021, to better address habitat needs, all changes identified by the Commission in 2019, and several complementary to them, would be adopted and implemented: Make 300-acre plover/tern exclosure permanent and year-round; Extend season habitat fencing near exclosure; Incorporate CDFW-recommended fencing around nests; grading and fencing allowances and limits; Update predator management protocols; Immediate enclosure of trash containers; Prohibit vehicular crossing of Arroyo Grande Creek when it is flowing to the ocean; Prohibit vehicular use at night, except for vehicular use to accommodate ingress, egress, and bathroom going associated with overnight camping; Accommodate dune restoration when and where necessary to address and support habitat protection and air quality- related measures; Imposition of park use limits (camping/vehicles/OHV) for period 3/19/2021-1/1/2026 and then after 1/1/2026; Emphasis on high-quality, low-cost, low intensity, low impact and sustainable recreation opportunities; Special Events shall require separate CDP authorization, unless Executive Director determines that one is not needed; State Parks to implement more robust outreach and access measures to maximize use of allowed Park uses; No approval for proposed development projects in Oso Flaco and/or Phillips-66 areas; Instead of required annual reviews, have State Parks report annually to Executive Director on efforts toward compliance with terms and conditions of Coastal Development Permit (CDP).
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