The residents of the Nipomo Mesa experience dune dust firsthand. They see it, they breathe it, and it accumulates on every exposed surface at an alarming rate. Residents have been calling for action for many years. As the Nipomo Mesa community has grown, and as residents have become more aware of the facts, the calls for effective action have grown louder and wider. The Nipomo Mesa Concerned Citizens for Clean Air is a part of this movement, but there are other concerned voices in the Mesa community and the County. The links below are to places where these voices can be read and heard, including public officials. These sources include statements of opinion, which are included here to show the nature and scope of concerns within the community. The opinions expressed do not necessarily represent the position of Nipomo Mesa Concerned Citizens for Clean Air or its supporters.
Public Forums
Search results for key words “dune dust” provides links to years of articles and letters to the editor.
San Luis Obispo Tribune
Press - Editorial Opinion, Letters to the Editor
It is amazing how people can rationalize a scenario to fit their needs.
San Luis Obispo Tribune - Letter to the Editor by Perky Fisher, Nipomo
Charlie Pelissier hosts a panel discussion of the status of the dust issue on the Nipomo Mesa. April 24, 2017
Monarch Dunes Media Club via Sound Cloud.
Patti Haines, host of Coastal Spotlight, interviews 4th District Supervisor Lynn Compton. Clean air discussion starts at 26 minutes. July 13, 2017
Monarch Dunes Media Club via Sound Cloud.
View video of CARB and OHMVR Division presentations, and public comment on the dune dust issue. Board members expressed support for APCO’s Notice of Violation to State Parks, and members expressed serious concern about lack of mitigation.
San Luis Obispo County Air Pollution Control District Board
Viewpoint article about failure of the Board of Supervisors to discuss the Health Commission letter to the Board on dune dust health hazards.
San Luis Obispo Tribune - Viewpoint by Arlene Versaw
Viewpoint article calling on the Board of Supervisors use County ownership of La Grande Tract to force State Parks to negotiate a new memorandum of understanding that protects Mesa residents from excessive dune dust emissions.
San Luis Obispo Tribune - Viewpoint by Larry Versaw, former mayor of Grover Beach and President of Mesa Community Alliance
Local Sierra Club Chapter Director’s take on the California Coastal Commission September 2017 meeting and approval of the State Parks Dust Control Plan Permit.
Sierra Club Santa Lucia Chapter, Andrew Christie, Chapter Director
Cartoonist: Russell Hodin
Tribune Editorial Board opinion decrying the lack of outrage among officials regarding dune dust pollution.
San Luis Obispo Tribune
View video of the Clean Air Informational Forum sponsored by Nipomo Mesa Concerned Citizens for Clean Air at the Trilogy Monarch Club. Presentations on health effects of fine particle air pollution and what causes the unnatural levels of such pollution from the the Oceano Dunes SVRA.
Nipomo Mesa - Concerned Citizens for Clean Air
Message for local officials: “The issue of sub 2.5 micron sand particles is a real and present danger to all citizens of the Nipomo Mesa.”
San Luis Obispo Tribune - Letter to Editor

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